Saturday, 22 August 2009

God is a director and an architect.

I've watched it and....AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE simple story yet complicated, you can't guess how it ended. Non-cheesy romantic movie. I LOVE IT!

every scene in this movie was awesome and sweet, Indonesia needs this kind of movie.

but my favorite dialogue was :
Annisa : waktu SMP gue bisa be my self
Cina : sekarang?
Annisa : behave
Cina : bukannya biii...thcy?

Cina : ayo kita patahkan Hukum Newton 1 : kecantikan berbanding terbalik dengan kepintaran
Annisa : hukum newton 1 itu suatu benda tidak akan berubah jika tidak dipaksa oleh benda lainnya
Cina & Annisa : (smiling each other)


my favorite scene was when Annisa and Cina removed smiley from their fingers, that was totally sad........


just, don't know what to write and what to tell. For exact reason, I'm such a lazy ass to bring up my mood for posting something on my blog. I'd rather picture my emotion and throw it on here. I really want to do some photo hunt, but y'know time is crazy. If there's nothing I can tell doesn't mean there's nothing fun happen, I just........let say bored of this effin blog life. Okay, as always I'd love to rate my week, review some fun things etc.

My recent favorite songs are :
1. Won't Stop - One Republic
2. Everything is Everything - Phoenix

Movie I've watched this week :
1. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ~ 4 stars
2. Adventureland ~ 3.5 stars
3. Cin(T)a ~ 4 stars

Books I'm reading :
1. Living Dead in Dallas ~ Charlaine Harris
2. Club Dead ~ Charlaine Harris

I watched Donnie Darko's trailer --> can't stop loving Jake Gyllenhaal <3


hello, it has been like ages I haven't post something on my blog. Obviously, there's a lot of thing I wanna write but I just don't know which part -.- okay then.

Saturday, 25 July 2009


MAN PUBLIC ENEMIES = COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! the movie was awesome, it was sad! so sad and also punch my adrenaline! Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are extremely hot HA! My favorite quotes from this movie are :
John Dillinger : Goodbye Blackbird.
John Dillinger : dead hero or living coward?

but for me it's 3.5 out of 5, amazing yes but kinda nonsense. John Dillinger was the number one gangster along with Nolan, but some of people didn't realize his embrace, weird.

still, amazing.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Lazy Monday

todaaaaay after too many Mondays ruin my mood, i quite love this Monday.

Crowd of Coldplay

jealous? YES

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Random Review

So I've watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, better than the previous, still not as good as the book. Too long to the climax and too fast to the conclusion, it'd be better if you read the book before you watch the movie. I think, Lavender is so aggressive and Hermione is too dramatic yeah well Nymphadora Tonks used to be kinda major character. But yeah worth to watch guys!

OHYEAH about bomb etc, it shocked me! Indonesiaaa be though, hey you need a tons of CSI agents.

Monday, 13 July 2009



my template is boring, so I decided to try the new one, the simple one. So, I'm in a XI IPA 2 and I have rockin fun classmates! So wish me luck in my sophomore year :>

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Don't Panic.

Unfortunately, Jon and Ryan left the band. For me Panic at the Disco is dead, without them it just won't be the same. But there are hopes for the new one!

This is the first time I saw them when I was in year 7 i think. Now I'm in year 11.

guyliners? That time, emo was the king.

After that, Brent Wilson left the band and Jon Walker replaced him.

Brendon Urie is a hottie and Ryan Ross is the another twin of Olsen Twins. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

This is VMA, they won.

So, rumors said Brendon and Ryan were gay. No, they're totally straight.

When they were in Victorian Circus stuffs.

and Ryan was absolutely creative with his artwork in his face.

This is Pretty.Odd things, they've changed from guyliners to a...normal guys. So vintage!

fortunately I've seen them live. YEAY, now no more Jon and Ryan they left the band. Brendon and Spencer still in Panic at the Disco maybe they'll bring the "!" back HA. It won't be the same Panic! I'll miss the old Panic with Jon and Ryan.

I'll miss them togethaa! xxxxxx

I heard that news yesterday. I cried hard (not so hard) but I'm upset. Then I remember, The Beatles lost their 2 members and after that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr joined the band. So, at least there's something bright in their futuree! Viva!